I'm a Native Texan curently living in Wisconsin with my husband and three very amusing kids. I'm a lover of anything chocolate, shopaholic and a full fledged Castle addict. I was the student who always got in trouble for daydreaming, sometimes my imagination was much more fun than real life. I accidently stumbled into writing after an idea wouldn't go away and I had to finally sit down, with an actual pencil and paper, to write my very first fictional story. I completed that story in three weeks then decided it was impossible to stop when so many ideas were dying to come out. I never knew how writing could become therapy for the soul by expressing every day frustrations onto a blank screen. 


Three years ago I was very career driven while playing the role of wife and supermom to three kids when the world around me unexpectedly turned upside down after chronic migraines consumed every aspect of my life. Not being able to drive due to severe dizziness then having to cope with severe headaches that impair my vision and significant loss of motor skills; I refuse to give up on writing and publishing more books. 28 years of suffering at the hands of migraines has turned my focus towards fighting against this disabling condition. 


I now advocate for migraines, cluster headaches and other neurological diseases. I am also an Ambassador for the U.S. Pain Foundation and Just Cool Me, a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives, improving patient outcomes & helping families affected by injury to the heart, brain and nervous system.







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