People Living With Migraines and Cluster Headaches Helping to Raise Awareness



9 year old Lindsay is one of the 36 million Americans that live with migraines.

She chose to fight back against her chronic pain by making this video to show others why migraines are a serious medical condition that needs for funding towards research in order for there to be a chance at finding a cure.

Headache Disorder Advocate Michael Fernandez was invited by ExL Pharmaceutical to be on a panel to discuss how he took his passion for spreading awareness all the way to

Capitol Hill.


Headache Disorder Advocate Michael Fernandez launches an App for Migraine Discussions as a way to help others find useful resources.

Click on this Link for More Information on How You Can Download Michael's App
My Days of Losing Words by Migraineur Rachael Jablo
One Man's Chronic Pain: Poetry from the Heart [Kindle Edition] by Michael Fernandez


Jenny McClarren Has Cluster Headaches and Made This Videoto Educate Others About It



Migraineur Tara Verhaaren Harrison

Made This Video

for Migraine Awareness Month 



Migraineur Jess Lynn Made an Amazing Tribute Video In Memory of Melissa Dwyer to Show People Headache Disorders Are Truly A Serious Medical Condition


Migraine Advocate Michelle Tracy Spreads Awareness By Giving a Presentation to the Medical Staff at Her Primary Care Physician’s Office.




News, information, experiences & coping skills for migraines, mental health, chronic pain and illness.



Somebody Heal Me


Need to find a neurologist or headache specialist these links will help you locate one near your area.


Want to know more about becoming an advocate you can join the following groups.


Alliance Headache Disorders Advocacy


Clusterbusters Advocacy Group

Stephanie Fleisch Harville Shares Her Experience With Others That Are Still Looking for Alternative Ways to Find Relief from Their Disabling Migraines
The long lasting cooling provided by the Catalyst products has been found to reduce or eliminate pain from migraines and other headache disorders and alleviate the common symptoms from concussions such as headaches, lack of focus, and trouble sleeping.
Boost Oxygen is 95% Pure Oxygen packaged into Convenient, Easy-To-Use and Portable Canisters. Supplemental Oxygen in Society has many different helpful applications, Boost Oxygen gives the consumer inexpensive, ready access to Purified Oxygen.
Similar to how you eat protein to help your muscles recover, Re:Mind Recover™ provides the building blocks that your body needs to help optimize cognitive performance and nutritionally balance the inflammatory response post-exercise.*
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Want to become the voice of hope and empowerment, as well as create pain awareness and support in your local community?  Become a U.S. Pain Foundation Ambassador & Advocacy leader. 


The Storms That Fated Us is now available on paperback. 

You can purcahse your own copy from

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