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In Your Face Migraines National Pie Challenge

Sep 15, 2014
I know I should be running up the mileage on my laptop keyboard trying to get my manuscripts over to one of my three editors, but something happened to make me temporarily put writing on a temporary hold.

By now, I'm sure you have heard of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and the media attention it received after celebrities joined in to help spread awareness while raising money for a very worthy cause.

Well something occurred to me while I was on day two of a migraine that wouldn't let me out of it's torturous grasp.

As of 2014 there are over 38 million Americans with migraines and on average the National Institute of Health spends is about 30 US cents per migraine patient.

To me, a migraineur of 27 years and a mother of a 11 year old that was diagnosed with the neurological disease, that doesn't seem to us any closer to finding a cure.

That's why I decided to come up with my own challenge. One that will help bring more awareness to migraines and hopefully raise a decent amount of money to help aide in research efforts and bring us one step closer to having a life free of the debilitating pain that has consumed most of my life since I was 10 years old.

I hope that some of my family, friends and readers will take part in the challenge or share my posts about it from any of my media sites.

I will even participate by showing my own video so make sure to be on the look out for it to appear in the next few days.

To learn more about the In Your Face Migraines National Pie Challenge check out the website I designed.

I even have a Facebook Page:

Also feel free to follow me on Twitter and check out the video's for this challenge
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My New Role

Jul 15, 2014
A day ago I was given the official title of Advocate Ambassador for the U.S. Pain Foundation.

The U.S. Pain Foundation and its Pain Ambassador Program are incredibly important resources for those of us living with chronic pain. There are opportunities to be Pain Ambassadors in each state, as well as other ways to get involved. Here’s what the U.S. Pain Foundation has to say about Pain Ambassadors:

“U.S. Pain Ambassadors are individuals committed to creating pain awareness and generating change within the medical community. They also empower those afflicted with pain.

U.S. Pain Foundation values and honors our ambassadors. We rely on them to connect with others and become the voice of pain and hope in their communities. In essence, our Pain Ambassadors make up who we are as an organization.”

In my capacity as a Pain Ambassador, I am expected to be a voice and resource for those living with chronic pain in my community. I distribute the above mentioned materials, participate in events, create support groups or other campaigns, and network with other Pain Ambassadors in my area and around the country to help educate and support the chronic pain community, as well as the medical community and society in general.

I am honored and very privileged to take on this new role.

Writing has and will always be an important part of my life, but helping others that live with headache disorders or any type of chronic illness is now my main focus now. Just knowing that I have the ability to help others makes me feel that I have somehow won the battle against my own chronic pain.

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Tune in to my LIVE interview with Crossroads Reviews this Saturday, July 19th at 4PM EST

Jul 14, 2014
I haven't done an interview with a radio station in awhile and I thought it was about time to update my readers on what has been going on with me, as well as the projects I am currently working on.

Make sure to tune into my LIVE interview that will also feature Coreene Callahan, Author of the Dragonfury Series.

To listen in click on the link I provided on the Home Page.

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What is This on My Computer Screen?

Jun 26, 2014
It's been like forever since I've written. Not by choice though. My mind refused to cooperate the umtenth times I made an attempt to write a paragraph or two. It is a little frustrating to go from writing 2K-3K every night for two years to not being able to come up with a single sentence that makes any sense.

A lot of my creativity is stirring around in my mind, but it's difficult to concentrate when I am experiencing a massive migraine with a side of dizziness and double vision. Sure there is something called a recorder that you can tell all of your thoughts to and a product you speak into the headset then it types everything up for you on your computer screen (By the way....the $70 I spent on that program would have been better spent on a chocolate and a fine bottle of wine) There's something that the infomercial forgot to mention as it was making their product look like a lifesaver. You have to practice over, and over and over with it in order to get the commands just right. Of course, if the program doesn't pick up your accent in the right way (I'm a Texas gal with a slight southern slang issue) then it will type gibberish.

Besides it's just not the same as taking your hands to a keyboard and pounding away at it.

Paper and pencil works great, but when you can't see what you write the words don't stay on the lines and end up crossing over one another.

Now that my health has improved I can sit down with my laptop and be much more creative.

I am hoping to have my manuscript to one of my editors in mid July and hoping to have a book out in late September.

The not so funny thing about living with two debilitating headache disorders is that you don't know what the day will bring. Even if I don't have a cluster attack or migraine I still have that lingering head pain that never wants to go away. I've learned how to work on things according to my pain levels, but there are truly some times where I can't get out of bed or I'll make my pain much worse.

This is my life and I am trying to live it in the best way that I can.

Trust me when I say I am very determine to accomplish the task of publishing another book. Not only do I want to get another book in my AMAZING readers hands, but I want to prove that I CAN find a way to beat my medical condition even though it gets the best of me most of the time.

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Where did May go?

Jun 1, 2014
I haven't updated in awhile due to life being incredibly hectic.

I spent the last few weeks spending as much time as I could with my sis who deployed overseas and running to one Dr. appointment after another for my son because his migraines went from bad to worse. With all of that going on I have had barely anytime to write, however I did manage to get one project done just in time for Migraine and Headache Awareness Month.

June was designated as the official month to spread awareness about headache disorders, mainly migraines. Part of my mission as an advocate is to make others aware of the genetic disorder that 36 million Americans live with. With the help of other migraineurs, we will be sharing pictures of ourselves while experiencing migraines.

Every day in June I will post a banner from my Stop the Stigma Campaign to show everyone that what migraineurs experience is not "Just Headache".

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No obstacle too big for me to handle: Being a migraineur with a son that was just diagnosed with abdominal and cluster migraines.

May 4, 2014
Sometimes life can put more than one obstacle in your way. In my world it's a never ending relay of hurdles that I am constantly fighting to jump over without falling flat on my face. My latest battle is learning how to help my ten year old son manage his own migraines while my own are still giving me a little grief.

As an advocate for headache disorders I couldn't help but jump to conclusions when my son showed early signs of having migraines. A migraineur never wants to believe their children will develop their condition, but genetically speaking the odds are very great.

When my son went from playing his video games or reading every book in sight to sleeping as soon as he got home from school because the sounds or lights aggravated his eyes and head, I knew something was wrong. Once we got in to see his doctor things literally went downhill from there.

My son could no longer get out of bed in the mornings without any difficulties. His head or stomach was causing him to be in excoriating pain. This resulting in him missing several days of school then a few weeks later not even being able to attend classes.

As I watched him suffering with high pain levels and disabling symptoms like my own I was doing my best not to get upset in front of him. It's our job as the parents to shield them from everything. I also didn't want to lie to my son when he asked about how long it would take to start feeling like his old self.

He had already witnessed how migraines had dramatically altered my life. He also saw how I pushed myself to do things each day like get out of bed, walk without falling or trying to cook us a meal without accidentally cutting or burning myself. Being honest about me doing everything possible to find a neurologist that can help him find some type of relief, was the right thing to do.

We are going on 3 months that my son was diagnosed with migraines. He is now doing homebound school due to the fact the first round of meds made his condition worse. His referral to a pediatric neurologist gives us hope he'll get one step closer to having the ability to enjoy the upcoming summer.

I see the same determination that I have within him. He refuses to give into his pain. His goal is to get as much of his school work completed and return back to school before the end of the semester.

I knew being an advocate would be hard, but I never realized I'd be fighting for my own health and sons not be so stigmatized by society. If there is one thing I can teach my son it's to believe the efforts put forth from other advocates at Headache On The Hill will bring us closer to receiving more funding towards research.

Research that can eventually give us a cure for our genetic disorder so many become disabled from.
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The Countdown to Headache On The Hill is on......

Jan 15, 2014
Over the summer I made the bold decision to stop suffering from my chronic pain in silence and look online to see if I could find at least one support group that might be able to offer me some answers to why my health wasn't improving. To my surprise, Facebook was flooded with so many types of groups dealing with the issues I had been facing for over a year now. When I first joined, I wasn't sure how I would go about telling people about myself. In my mind, my condition was bad, but it might not be that bad compared to others and if I did share what was going on with me would it come off as being like I was over reacting?

As I read post after post I started to realize that so many others were suffering from chronic migraines and had the same troubling issues as I did. For the first time I didn't feel alone and that was a great feeling. I started to make new friends and learn more about migraines.

After a few weeks things began to change for me on a personal level. I was starting to feel like a little of my old self had returned. I believe that had a lot to do with all of the emotional support I received and my first round of botox treatments.
Things were finally looking up....or so I thought.

Something tragically happened in one of my support groups. Something so shocking I found myself at a total loss for words and worried about how my future would be if the next round of botox didn't help. It was really an eye opening experience. One that completely changed the course in which my life would now go in.

Once I learned the truth about how migraine research was so underfunded that research was far where it should be on the matter, I was angry and very frustrated. I hated being in constant pain! I didn't want to spend the rest of my life stuck in my dark bedroom because it was the only way I could function.

I decided to follow the advice of some people in one of my support groups and reach out to my senator. When I heard back it was wonderful news that she supported funding research for people like me that suffer on a daily basis.

After that I decided it was important to keep the momentum going. I needed to join other advocates in Washington DC and do my part in spreading awareness. So I booked my plane ticket and made all the arrangements to make sure I was in attendance for Headache On The Hill in February.

I wouldn't wish my chronic migraines or cluster headaches on anyone, but for those who already suffer I am going to do whatever I can to be heard. I may be one person, but I am one of many ready to make a powerful, lasting impression to get our point across.

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Now I can add the title of U.S. Pain Ambassador next to #1 Best Selling Author
Jason from Five Finger Death Punch made this EPIC vid for this website to share with my readers.
Jason and Jeremy of Five Finger Death Punch
Ivan from Five Finger Death Punch
TOTAL FANGIRL MOMENT!!! Castle composer Robert Duncan takes a selfie with a copy of my book.


As The Storms That Fated Us spends its 12th week as a Amazon Best Seller I can't help but feel thankful for my readers support and the people who had a hand in helping to make all of this possible.


One person that played a part in my creative process just happens to be the mastermind behind the riveting scores on ABC’s Castle.


Sometimes inspiration comes from another person's work. Rob's music played a very important role in helping me create more angst and tension between my characters Tia and Carson in The Storms That Fated Us.



Listening to music while writing is a vital part of my creative process. It allows me to shut out what is going on, no matter where I am at the time, and depending on the lyrics, it could serve as an inspiration for what I am working on.


I never had any issues with making up worlds of fiction that I was able to write out into several chapters over a few days' time. So when I unexpectedly developed chronic migraines, I couldn't understand why my mind suddenly went blank just like someone had wiped my brain clear of all my thoughts.


To go from writing every night for the past two years to not being able to construct a sentence that makes any sense when I read it back to myself was very frustrating to say the least. Even my motor skills took a massive hit. My hands refused to cooperate whenever I placed them on the keyboard to type because my eye and hand coordination was completely off.


My brain became vulnerable to my migraine episodes. The chronic pain I was experiencing also brought on a series of unforeseen symptoms: sensitivity to light or sounds, visual distortions, partial loss of sight, tingling and even numbness of the face or extremities on the side where the headache develops, difficulty finding words and/or speaking, confusion, and vertigo.


Every day was a true challenge to what I was able to accomplish. There were times I became overly frustrated with my health, but I wasn't ready to give up on publishing another book. I had an incomplete manuscript sitting in front of me waiting for revisions from an editor that was very understanding about my condition and was willing to be flexible on my deadlines to submit my work to her.


With a malleable time frame, I waited for the days where I was able to think as clearly as I could to dive into my manuscript. Of course it was easier said than done. There were some mornings that I couldn't bear to stare at my cell phone or laptop screen, even on the dimmest setting, due to issues with my sensitivity to lights. If that hurdle wasn't enough to deal with, I also had issues with noises causing my pain levels to escalate and give me a whole other array of medical issues.


Some people need complete silence to do certain tasks, but I've never not been able to have music playing in the background while I write. It is an important element needed to help evolve my characters from being oblivious about their feelings for someone to falling head-over-heals in love with that person.


I had already spent months compiling a playlist filled with artists whose lyrics transformed my imaginary world into words I was able to type out onto my blank laptop screen. However, when I sat down to work on my manuscript, those same songs I singlehandedly picked no longer sufficed. It wasn't that I didn't like the music, it just became difficult to hear the words at the same time as writing.


The chronic pain with vision issues and dizzy spells inhibited by my migraines already put me into a state of confusion. The lyrics playing in the background alone made it feel like ten people were talking to me at once. I became so distracted that I found myself unable to concentrate on reading my manuscript, let alone working on revisions.


I had 80,000+ words needing to jump off the pages and grab hold of the reader. I wanted them to feel like a part of the story and connect with one or all of my characters. In order to make that happen, I needed to find the right type of music to communicate the tone throughout each chapter.


I guess you could call it coincidental luck that the little music dilemma I had was solved after spending an afternoon watching a show I saw previews for but never saw an episode. It's not often I'm able to watch a show or movie and immediately fall in love with it. Castle was the exception.


Immediately I was drawn in by the cop drama because of two reasons. I loved the witty sense of humor that writer Richard Castle (It had nothing to do with the fact this man is a world renowned author...okay maybe just a little bit) brought into his arrangement to work alongside the lovely, most daunting, maddening woman Detective Kate Beckett (I kind of stole a few of those words out of Castle's angry rant when he expressed his love for her). The two of them make for one awesome dynamic duo when solving a case to capture the killer, but they're even better as each other's love interest.


Which brings me to my second reason I absolutely love the show Castle.


Being a newbie to this detective/drama, I needed to watch each episode to get all caught up to the current season. There were times I wasn't physically able to view the episode, but I could still hear the funny and sassy banter between Beckett and Castle. Then there was the music playing in the background. That unbelievably beautiful melody being played by piano or an array of instruments made the characters' emotions feel like your own.


It wasn't until season five's finale "Always" that I was completely blown away by the score as it set the perfect tone for an epic kiss between a writer and his muse. I actually got goosebumps as the piano's notes harmonized that very moment as one of the best kiss scenes I have ever seen between two characters on TV. I found myself cheering with tears in my eyes (something I rarely do while watching a show or movie). Any time a scene or music (in this case both) has the power to move you into any kind of emotional state, it is really that good.


Needing help to find ways to keep my creativity leaping off the pages of my book, I decided to do the next logical thing: find other scores by this remarkable composer. So I went online to seek out the genius with the gift of bringing a creative spin to the scenes on Castle. What I found was a person who had quite an impressive list of scores for other television series: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Last Resort, The Unit, and Terriers.


Three-time Emmy-award nominated composer of film and television music, Robert Duncan, takes his imaginative skills to create some of the most amazing pieces of work I've ever listened to. Whether his choice of instruments happens to be a grand piano, trumpet, guitar, or junkyard items he's found from all over Los Angeles, rest assured what you're going to hear will be some kind of brilliant masterpiece.


When it came down to picking out which of Rob's compositions would best fit the scenes I was working on in Storms, I first went onto his website where a playlist already existed and listened to a series of scores from different shows. I also found Last Resort and The Entitled Soundtrack on ITunes and selected which ones went with the angsty dialogue I wanted to portray throughout my book.


After spending a week listening to Rob's riveting compositions, I found several that helped me amplify the lies, deception, and misunderstandings my main characters dealt with while trying to stay alive in a cottage that is literally falling apart just like their friendship had during their senior year of high school.


Among those scores I chose Every Girl, A Slayer from Buffy the Vampire Slayer as the perfect theme for the emotionally tortured heroine Tia. Dylan's Theme from The Entitled was the perfect fit for the vengeful, ex-best friend Carson. The Pilot Suite and Sam Attacks Booth from Last Resort set the tone for the blizzard taking its anger out on the cottage by destroying it one shingle at a time. If Your Were Here from The Entitled gave off a suspenseful vibe while I worked on the scene where Tia and Carson were surprised by an unwelcomed intruder. 


Of course during those intense, passionate fueled moments I Just Want You from Castle and In My Veins by Andrew Belle streamed repeatedly as my background music. (If you're Team Caskett then you know why those two songs complement one another). 


When I was close to wrapping up the last of my revisions, I decided to reach out to Rob and personally tell him how his music played an intricate part in my creative process. I even acknowledged him in my book with a thank you and the physician in chapter seventeen was named Dr. Duncan. Not only did Rob appreciate the thoughtful gesture, he sent me a selfie with him holding a copy of my book. For being a major fan of his work, that was definitely one of the highlights of this year.


I hope this is the year Rob finally snags an Emmy.


His artistic talents more than proves he's truly deserving of one. 


To learn more about Robert Duncan's work and listen to some of his amazing scores visit his website.


A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to TJ MacKay, Founder/Publisher of InD'tale Magazine, for allowing me to write my very first article that shares with their readers how I try my best to manage living with chronic migraines and cluster headaches.


It is my goal to spread awareness about the headache disorders that effects millions of people. If we can't end the negative stigma surrounding our condition then we might not ever be able to receive the necessary funding that could lead to finding a cure for this genetic disorder.


My advertisement for The Storms That Fated Us in May's issue of InD'tale Magazine
My recipe for Stuffed Summer Mushrooms that I shared with InD'tale Magazine

Headache On The Hill 2014 – Washington, D.C.

Headache On The Hill with the Clusterbusters Advocacy Group
I had a difficult time finding a treatment that worked for my migraines. After months of battling my disabling condition I finally started my first round of Botox. This is not a cure for migraines, but it has helped me to be able to drive again.

Speaking to huffpost live’s nancy redd about the dangers of living with chronic migraines


My appearence on Huff Post Live with Nancy Redd to discuss how chronic migraines has changed my life.

THE STORMS THAT FATED US appeared on multiple best seller lists including New Adult & College, Suspense Romance and Contemporary Romance.


The Storms That Fated Us reached #1 on Amazon's best seller lists for Hispanic American Literature & Fiction and Hispanic American Literature. The novel also peaked at #13 on the Multicultural & Interracial Romance best seller list.

The Storms That Fated Us is going to be very different from all my other, earlier books; that much I can tell you. Interested? Take a sneak preview now.


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