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Jan 15, 2014
Over the summer I made the bold decision to stop suffering from my chronic pain in silence and look online to see if I could find at least one support group that might be able to offer me some answers to why my health wasn't improving. To my surprise, Facebook was flooded with so many types of groups dealing with the issues I had been facing for over a year now. When I first joined, I wasn't sure how I would go about telling people about myself. In my mind, my condition was bad, but it might not be that bad compared to others and if I did share what was going on with me would it come off as being like I was over reacting?

As I read post after post I started to realize that so many others were suffering from chronic migraines and had the same troubling issues as I did. For the first time I didn't feel alone and that was a great feeling. I started to make new friends and learn more about migraines.

After a few weeks things began to change for me on a personal level. I was starting to feel like a little of my old self had returned. I believe that had a lot to do with all of the emotional support I received and my first round of botox treatments.
Things were finally looking up....or so I thought.

Something tragically happened in one of my support groups. Something so shocking I found myself at a total loss for words and worried about how my future would be if the next round of botox didn't help. It was really an eye opening experience. One that completely changed the course in which my life would now go in.

Once I learned the truth about how migraine research was so underfunded that research was far where it should be on the matter, I was angry and very frustrated. I hated being in constant pain! I didn't want to spend the rest of my life stuck in my dark bedroom because it was the only way I could function.

I decided to follow the advice of some people in one of my support groups and reach out to my senator. When I heard back it was wonderful news that she supported funding research for people like me that suffer on a daily basis.

After that I decided it was important to keep the momentum going. I needed to join other advocates in Washington DC and do my part in spreading awareness. So I booked my plane ticket and made all the arrangements to make sure I was in attendance for Headache On The Hill in February.

I wouldn't wish my chronic migraines or cluster headaches on anyone, but for those who already suffer I am going to do whatever I can to be heard. I may be one person, but I am one of many ready to make a powerful, lasting impression to get our point across.

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  • Siggy Buckley (Friday, October 25 13 11:26 am EDT)

    Great page! Congrats on the new book.All of that with your medical issues.Keep in touch please. WGT is featuring JP today!

  • Siggy Buckley (Friday, October 25 13 11:28 am EDT)

    Great page! Achieving all of that with your medical problems! We're featuring JP today on

  • Julie Walker (Saturday, December 07 13 07:52 pm EST)

    I'm a 43 y/o migraineur and I've had them since I was 14. They have affected my family life so much, even put me in bed for days. I will be buying your book. Thanks for your word on migraines. Some people really do not understand our pain. Blessings to you.

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